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  • Versatility, can be placed headboard, tatami, office, sofa, chair, bay window as pillow

  • Independent inner core, EPE filling, comfortable and wearable canvas fabric, moisture absorption, elasticity

  • Coat printing, cartoon, geometric design, beautiful, suitable for all kinds of people

  • Ergonomically designed to reduce stress on cervical spine, shoulders, back and waist

  • Side pocket design, convenient and practical, button zipper design, easy removal and washing, prolong life

  • Color Name:M  |  Size :130*20*50cm

    Pillowcase made of comfortable and wearable canvas fabric, moisture absorption and breathability, independent inner core, can be disassembled and washed conveniently
    Diversified colors, cartoons, geometric designs, beautiful and elegant, can be selected according to personal preferences, suitable for all kinds of people
    Available in sizes: 60, 70, 90, 100, 120, 135, 150cm, with buttons, with or without buttons, not the same as the buttons: 60cm no, 70 (2 buckle), 90 (2 buckle) 100 (3 buckle) 120 (4 deduction) 135 (4 deduction) 150 (5 deduction)
    According to the ergonomic design, it provides different external supporting force for the cervical spine, shoulders, back, and waist to reduce the pressure on the cervical spine and the lumbar as much as possible.
    According to the back curve of the human body, it adopts an engineering design that fits the back of the human body. It wraps around the back and gives you a comfortable life.
    Independent liner design, free to disassemble, easy to wash, filled with pearl cotton, comfortable and breathable, flexible
    Side pocket design, can be placed on the phone and remote control, convenient and practical, removable button design, easy removal, more beautiful
    Metal zipper design, stainless steel, strong texture, long life

    Bed Cushion Simple Comfortable Double Triangular Pillow Headboard Sofa Tatami Soft Pack Long Cushions M-130 * 20 * 50cm - B07FFPZJDM

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