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  • Microfiber advanced technology in a high performance woven fabric

  • American manufactured encasement, hand inspected to ensure quality

  • Soft, lightweight and breathable for the ultimate in comfort

  • Dense weave and fewer seams make this encasement strong and durable for long-lasting protection

  • Fully zippered encasement-provides both a dust mite and bed bug barrier

  • LuxGuard encasements offer several features that provide you with the ultimate in comfort and protection - breathability, softness, fewer seams and a small pore size. Whether the encasement is used for allergens or bed bugs, you can rest assured that you are completely protected. The dense weave of the LuxGuard fabric gives you an exceptionally strong cover that will last for many years - even with frequent machine washing and drying. The fabric filters out very small allergens-such as cat dander-and bed bugs can't penetrate it. All sizes from Double/Full 9" and larger have an L Zipper as part of the construction. This zipper travels along both the short and long side of the mattress, making installation of larger sizes much easier and quicker. Our 5 Thread Safety Stitch construction prevents unraveling. All zippers are reinforced and a preventive bed bug closure is placed at the end of the zipper. LuxGuard encasements are made in the southeastern U.S. by experienced craftsmen. Each encasement is hand inspected prior to packaging to insure that you receive a high-quality product.

    LuxGuard Twin 9" Mattress Cover - B0090480E0

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