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  • Mother's life: When the mother/daddy needs to cook, clean, go to the bathroom, etc., keep the baby safe in the play center.

  • Rugged: A specially designed rubber foot under the yard so that the part does not slip.

  • Large coverage: The baby learns to walk and even has a lot of room to lie with the baby during the game time.

  • Easy to assemble: Light weight, easy to assemble and disassemble, all fence sizes: 132 x 132x 64.5 cm.

  • Unique design: The bright and colorful design makes the fence look more cute to attract children and automatically inspire their mood.

  • product description

    ☆The fence is specially designed with a rubber base underneath, making it durable on the floor and will not be pushed or pulled by children.

    ☆ This product promises to provide complete safety and protection for young guns. The anti-pinch design at the intersection protects the child from the danger of being trapped by the fence.

    ☆ Its security lock will make you feel relaxed and ensure your child is involved in a variety of fun activities.

    ❤ BPA-free, non-toxic, non-recyclable HDPE material without any odor. Molding technology makes the structure more durable and durable for many years. Any form of manual deburring can prevent your baby from getting hurt.

    The height of the fence is long enough for the baby to stand and walk, and the area inside the yard is enough for them to explore.

    Psychologically, children are attracted to color and animation, and these colors and animations naturally make them cheerful and turn their moods.

    ❤Professional color design makes the yard stand out, so that children have a sense of protection when playing. You can also keep extra toys and coloring books for children to make their time more productive and create memories of their childhood.

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