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  • To prevent fetal position is not correct;, to prevent back pain;

  • Offers FULL BODY SUPPORT for sleeping during pregnancy, nursing after the birth and for EFFECTIVE DRUG-FREE PAIN RELIEF and comfort whilst sleeping.Supports back, belly, sides, head, knees and feet

  • 360-DEGREE BODY-HUG. Total body support for a painless and sound sleep for people with fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, ME etc

  • Ergonomic designation to follow the natural shape of the body and at excellent quality. Well-shaped around key areas and with soft sink throughout so that it does not dig into any part of the body whilst sleeping

  • Deep sleep every night - to eliminate stress, neck strain or bad sleep mode with sleep comfort, wish you a pleasant shopping

  • Color Name:A

    ?Product name? cotton multi-functional pregnant U type Pregnant women pillow
    Fabric: 100% cotton
    Liner: medical non-woven fabrics
    Fill: 7D hollow fiber
    Specifications 80 * 140 * 20 Weight 2600 g
    Pregnant women pillow 6 big effect:
    1, correct the wrong sleep posture;
    2, to prevent fetal position is not correct;
    3, to prevent back pain;
    4, to improve the quality of sleep;
    5, prevention of pregnancy hypertension, hypotension syndrome;
    6, to help ease the swelling of the legs to speed up the blood circulation
    This product is to solve the mother during pregnancy to keep a long sleep Prone to cause the neck, shoulders, waist, legs and other parts, oppression caused by acid, hemp, swelling, and other issues, pregnant women pillow can maximize the Mommy conversion
    About sleeping position: early pregnancy (body to adapt to pregnancy, pregnant womenPillow can help you better rest)
    Pregnancy (mothers easy calcium deficiency waist acid, pregnant women pillow can help you sleep
    Late pregnancy (baby frequent fetal movement, need to keep oxygen on the left)
    Adjuvant period (physical recovery time, can not charge the waist need care)

    MQYH Maternity Support Pillow Pregnancy Support Pillow Nursing Pillow Baby Sitting Side Waist Pillow Care Maternal Pillow Zipper Detachable Multifunctional U Type Pregnant Pillow 140 * 80 * 20 (Multicolor) A - B074P1VGSZ

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