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  • Supporting invisible zipper, does not hurt the skin, to avoid scratching, to lock the needle, refused to off line

  • High density woven cotton fabric, high elastic 7D EPE filling, strong elasticity, soft and comfortable, moisture absorption and ventilation

  • Safely supports the pregnant mother's body, supports the waist and abdomen, and cares for the pregnant mother to sleep all night long

  • The pillow can be used as a nursing pillow after the baby is born so that the mother can easily and happily breastfeed.

  • The baby learns to sit and can also learn to sit on the pillow for the baby and help the baby to adapt to sit better.

  • Color Name:A  |  Size :165*80cm

    Name: Multifunctional pregnant woman pillow
    Features: removable and washable
    Size: 165cm*80cm (long paragraph)
    Weight: about six pounds
    Applicable: Spring, summer, autumn and winter
    Ingredients: Pillowcase: High density woven cotton fabric
    Filler: High elastic 7D pearl cotton
    Use instructions: use a period of time please shake or sun, so that the filler canopy loose and uniform distribution
    Fixed left sleeping position, pregnant women sleeping on the left side is conducive to the growth of the fetus, the mother should adopt the left sleeping position when sleeping, using the pillow can continue to keep the sleeping position on the left, safe support pregnant mother body, support waist and abdomen , Nursing pregnant mother to sleep all night
    The legs are comfortable and relaxed, and the pregnant mother will gradually have swelling in the legs during the later period of pregnancy. This pillow can make the legs more relaxed and comfortable
    The multifunctional pregnant woman's pillow gives warm and comfortable support to the pregnant mommy, which makes the shoulders more relaxed. The pillow can give the pregnant mother a comfortable support and care, so that the mother and the baby can enjoy a sweet sleep

    Pregnant Women Pillows Belts Side Pillows U-Shaped Pillows Multi-Function Removable Breast-Feeding Pillows A-165 * 80cm - B07CG2HTGM

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