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  • Measures 24 x 38 x 5.5 (extra deep)

  • 100% Cotton Jersey Knit

  • Machine Washable & Dryable

  • Made in USA

  • Size :61 cm x 96.52 cm x 14 cm (extra deep)

    This luxurious plush100% organic cotton "jersey knit" crib / toddler sheet is made of the highest quality fabric that's measured at 180 gsm (grams per square meter). That means these are softer than your favorite t-shirt, and as soft as flannel. Sheets are made with deep pockets and are elasticized around the entire edge which prevents it from slipping off the mattress, thereby keeping your baby safe. These sheets are so durable that they will last all through your baby's growing years. We're called sheetworld because we produce the highest grade sheets on the market today. Color is a Solid Aqua. Size: 24 x 38.Note: Please make sure to select the proper fitted sheet for your mattress size. There are two different depths available. If you have the standard 3 inch thick mattress, then make sure to select '24 x 38 x 3'. If you have the extra deep 5.5" or 6" mattress you will need the extra deep fitted '24 x 38 x 5.5' size sheet. The extra deep sheet works with brands such as the 'DaVinci extra deep mattress' as well as some other brands.

    SheetWorld Fitted Portable / Mini Crib Sheet - Solid Aqua Jersey Knit - Made In USA - B00KGBBOY4

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