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Kantha quilt will brighten your home. Kantha throw blanket is 100%cotton Vintage Kantha quilts are one of a kind pieces that makes a statement through its quality craftsmanship and beauty. These amazing quilted blankets are designed and crafted from artisans in developing countries who need opportunities to improve their living conditions. This fair trade practice is a way to provide a sustainable income for those people who live in impoverished areas. Todays buyers want to spend their money on products that speak to them with a story and a history that connects them with the world. There are many reasons to support the fair trade market system. Buying a Kantha bedding item is a wonderful way to discover the quality and workmanship that goes into each piece.A Kantha product is uniquely designed to be functional and beautiful. Many of the Kantha items are made of recycled 100%cotton material, which adds an extra element of interest to any room. The bright colored fabric is intended

Vibrant Throw Blanket Vintage Patchwork Kantha Quilt(greengold) - B00JF32RK4

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