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  • U-type multifunctional side sleeping, side sleeping, body protection, sleep artifact

  • No formaldehyde, no fluorescent agent, no chemical residue, no odor

  • Can be washed at low temperature, dyed rigorously, does not fade

  • Super soft hollow fiber filled, effective support, long-lasting fullness does not collapse

  • Humanized design, fits the abdomen, is not tight when rebounded

  • Color Name:D  |  Size :146*85cm

    High-quality hollow fiber filling, you can freely adjust the height of the pillow, cotton fabric, high-density, sweat-absorbent, breathable, healthy environment
    Supporting abdomen waist pillow: Safe support for pregnant mother body, supporting the waist and abdomen, pampering pregnant mother to sleep all night
    Nursing mother breast-feeding pillow: Ergonomic design, effectively relieve muscle fatigue on the shoulders, back and arms during feeding, and the baby's small ass is comfortable and safe on the pillow surface
    Nursing Mother Lifting Pillow: Pillow can provide comfortable support in late pregnancy and help find a comfortable sleeping position, free from big belly
    Comfortable backrest pillow: soft fit back curve, relax back, enjoy life
    Baby protection pillow: three-dimensional support, soft protection, not afraid of baby side flip, Mommy assured
    Shu-Lei Leisure Pillow: Pregnant mother's legs are gradually swollen at the end of pregnancy, which can effectively relieve our leg fatigue and avoid the occurrence of edema.

    Multifunctional U-Shaped Maternity Pillow Cotton Washable Side-on Waist Lifting Maternity Sleeping Pillow D-146 * 85cm - B07C28MQTJ

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