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  • Cotton knit fabric, soft, moisture absorption, delicate skin

  • Selected high-quality PP cotton pad, strong rebound, good pincushion shape

  • No formaldehyde, no fluorescent agent, no chemical residue, no odor, healthy environment

  • Double hidden zipper design, easy to wash, non-woven inner sleeve, beautiful, more profitable shape

  • Humanized design, fits the abdomen, is not tight when rebounded

  • Color Name:F  |  Size :150*75*18cm

    360-degree all-round fitting, supporting decomposition pressure, protecting the mother to care for the baby, greatly improving the quality of sleep
    Helps the sleeping position on the left side: The sleeping position on the left side of the pregnant woman is beneficial to the growth of the fetus, and the mother should adopt the sleeping position on the left when sleeping.
    Can be used as a pillow: Multi-functional pregnant women's pillows provide warm and comfortable safety support for pregnant Mommy, effectively relieve shoulder fatigue
    Relaxing Pillow: Multi-functional pillow for pregnant women can not only bring high-quality sleep to pregnant Mommy, but also can be used for relaxing leisure time such as drinking tea and reading books.
    Easy Nursing Pillow: This pillow can be used as a nursing pillow after the baby is born so that the mother can easily and happily breastfeed.
    The baby learns to sit on the parapet pillow: The pillow can assist the baby to learn to sit and give the baby a comfortable and safe support. At the same time, it can be used as a baby guardrail pillow to prevent the baby from falling down.
    Functional features: humanized design, fit the abdomen, meet the needs of pregnant women with waist circumference enough for 1 to 9 months, neck care, shoulder protection, waist protection, leg protection, sleep aid, fatigue relief
    Breast-feeding pillow can be used as a nursing pillow after baby is born, U-shaped surround, liberate mother's hands, easy feeding to make baby more comfortable and prevent sucking milk

    Pregnant Pillow Cotton Maternity G-Type Lifting Pillow Multi-Function Waist-Proof Side-to-Side Lateral Artifact Maternity Nursing Pillow F-150 * 75 * 18cm - B07CG481R1

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